What is a TweetUp?

A TweetUp is:

  • A gathering of people who use Twitter
  • It can be a general geographic Tweetup like a Tweetup of people in northern Michigan
  • Or it can be a Tweetup for a cause where Twitter friends organize a get-together to do something for the community
  • It can also be topical such as a Tweetup for an event, for pet lovers, cooking enthusiasts, or just for people who are in the social media scene
  • It’s about the fact that when we get offline and meet in person it cements relationships and builds community
  • An event that usually lasts from 1 to 3 hours
  • It is a great stewardship and community building tool

A TweetUp is not:

  • An event where you pull people in from Twitter to pitch or sell them something
  • A seminar event
  • A tradeshow or multi-day event
  • A general community event like a sports event, lecture etc.

It’s called a TweetUp because it’s people on Twitter connecting in real life!

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