10 Reasons to TweetUp

So now that you know what a TweetUp is, why should you attend one?

  1. It’s fun!
  2. It gets you off the computer and facilities meeting your online friends face-to-face in person.
  3. You can connect with other like-minded folks and make new friends with similar interests.
  4. You can connect with local business leaders which lead to more referrals or cooperative business endeavors.
  5. Learn more about your community – local needs, new businesses, upcoming events, etc.
  6. Support a local charity or fundraiser. Rally supporters, organize donations, or host an event.
  7. Promote your business through networking. Your business will undoubtedly gain more exposure from word-of-mouth and via the media (photos, videos, etc) being shared from tweetups.
  8. Share your love of Twitter with others who know EXACTLY what you are talking about – favorite apps, cool tools, new tweeps, etc.
  9. Swap twitter business strategies, as well as other social media tools and tips. Share what has worked for your business, talk best practices, and ask questions.
  10. Reconnect after the TweetUp on Twitter, support local endeavors, pay it forward with RTs, and foster your new friendships.

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